Is A Car Accident Attorney Necessary?


In the event of a car accident, even if you are uninjured, you may be disoriented and shaken. It is likely you may not know what to do next, or you may forget the proper procedures that should follow. It is also entirely possible that in your lingering state of shock you admitted fault for the accident, even if you were completely not to blame. With a car accident attorney in your corner, you may not be out of luck yet.

People responsible for car collisions are usually stuck footing the bill. Some issues you may have to deal with, should you find yourself being deemed at fault, include:

  • Bills: Medical expenses and repair costs may exceed what your insurance covers, so the difference falls upon your shoulders, if you are responsible.
  • Insurance rate increase: You should expect a hike in your insurance rates if you caused an accident. Overtime, increased insurance rates can become a massive burden on your bank account.
  • Driver's license alteration: A strike against your driver's license may be issued, depending on the extent of damages caused. Furthermore, if you are found liable for catastrophic injury due to recklessness or negligence, you may face a suspension of your driver's license.

Defending Yourself after a Car Accident

The wisest alternative to simply letting all of the consequences of a car accident fall upon your shoulders is retaining a professional car accident lawyer to defend you. If you have admitted fault but have come to realize that the other party was also responsible – or if you need help proving your injuries were due to another's actions – there is still time to find a proper solution. After all, those responsible for your injuries should be the ones covering the expenses, not you.

If you have been injured in an accident in the greater Clearwater, Florida area, the professional team at Cope, Zebro & Crawford, P.L. can help you make sense of the situation and decide on the right course of action. If push comes to shove, we can fight back for you with the experience of over 50 jury trials under our belts. And you can rest easy knowing that you don't pay us unless we win you a reasonable settlement. Call (727) 502-6493 now for a free case evaluation.

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