What Did Your Car Accident Cost You?


According to findings from a study conducted by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), in 2013, the average liability claim for property damage was $3231 and auto liability claims for bodily damage were nearly five times that. With these staggering numbers in play, the question remains: "How much did your accident cost you?"

The cost of an accident will eventually fall into someone's hands. Someone will be held accountable and have to pay for it, at least partially, and if you are unprepared to defend yourself, that someone could be you.

Proving Liability in an Accident

One of the most common reasons people get stuck with the bill in regards to an accident that caused injuries is that they were unable to prove who was actually liable. No one wants to be the one to blame, even in cases of minimal harm. If the evidence isn't clear one way or another, liability may be distributed equally, which is clearly unfair if you have zero fault for the accident.

It is important to collect as much of your own evidence as you can after an auto collision. Take pictures or recordings of the scene and try to see if there are any third party eyewitnesses. Additionally, do not admit fault if you have any reason to believe you were not the one that solely caused the accident. Preparations such as these alongside the counsel of a legal professional could help you win a reasonable settlement.

Even if you are found to not be liable for a car accident, you may now have to deal with your own insurance company. It is in your insurance provider's interest to give you as little money as possible, and you might learn this only after you have been in a collision, and right when you need their support the most. Offers for repairs or replacements are often much lower than initially expected, and trying to get more coverage for your expenses can sometimes feel like pulling teeth.

What did your car accident really cost you?

Beyond the obvious out-of-pocket expenses and financial responsibilities tied to paying for repair and medical bills, a serious car accident could cost you your livelihood. If you are debilitated after an accident and need to recover there is certainly an unwritten cost to you there that you may not have originally considered. Additionally, many serious accidents require treatment over multiple years, which can really add up with today's high health insurance deductible plans. And the question still remains: "What did your car accident cost you?"

If you want financial compensation after a car accident, or just want to make sure you have the money to pay your bills from the accident you will need the help of a professional personal injury attorney. Don't be the victim of an uninsured driver. Don't let those responsible for the accident feign ignorance. Refuse to sit idly as your insurance provider tries to give you less than you deserve. Stand up for your rights and seek any compensation you deserve.

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