Top 5 Common Mistakes After a Car Accident


You have probably heard the expressions "everybody makes mistakes" when people talk about minor mistakes. In most situations, a little error might not affect anything, if it was even noticeable at all. But when it comes to dealing with a car accident, the smallest oversights may come back to haunt you with high fines or penalties.

Five of the Most Common Mistakes People Make After an Accident

  • Failing to collect all the information.

You're going to be flustered after an accident, there's no avoiding that, but it remains vitally important that you collect all the critical information from the other driver that you can. It may seem unlikely but people often forget to record license plate numbers, driver's license number, make and model, and registry information – is the car even registered under the person who was driving it?

  • Forgetting to take photographs.

Just about everyone has a camera in their cell phone, and yet so many people don't take any pictures of the scene after an accident. Take as many as you want – of both your car and theirs – and get close to spots of damage.

  • Neglecting passengers.

If there were any passengers in the other cars, you can't overlook them. Try to get their information as well and ask them what they saw. In some cases, the testimony of the other driver's passenger can solidify your case in court.

  • Not contacting the police.

Even the best drivers on Florida's highways usually forget the important step of notifying the police after a car accident. If someone was injured or if the other driver is uninsured, it is critical that the proper authorities are contacted immediately. Additionally, if damage was done to government property – such as a stop sign – you should notify the correct parties.

  • Admitting fault.

Do not admit fault. Ever. Even if you think you're wholly to blame for the accident, you could be wrong. For all you know, the other driver was on the phone, or maybe your brakes reacted too slowly due to a poor inspection the month before? No matter what happened, do not admit fault right away.

I Made a Mistake After an Accident – Who Can Help?

After an accident – mistakes made or not – you should immediately consider retaining a professional car accident attorney that can help you make sense of the situation. The insurance companies have professionals that start working on accidents immediately, why shouldn't you? Any number of problems may arise, and if they are placed at your feet due to making one of the most common mistakes on the list, defending yourself without legal representation could be impossible.

If you have been in a car accident in the greater Tampa, Florida area our firm of seasoned lawyers at Cope, Zebro & Crawford, P.L. would be happy to assist you. Contact us at (727) 502-6493 today for a free consultation.

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