Five Tips to Stay Out of an Automobile Accident


Car accidents are one of biggest causes of injuries and death in the United States each year. To make matters worse, many of these accidents could have been avoided if drivers practiced better safety habits while behind the wheel.

Our firm is passionate about making Florida roadways a safer place for drivers and pedestrians. Implement the following tips today to minimize car accidents, preserve your family's safety, and reduce the risk caused by negligent driving.

Always watch the cars ahead of you.

We don't just mean the vehicle directly in front of your car – we mean the traffic ahead of that car, as well. When you are alert to everything going on around you, you decrease your chances of being caught off-guard by a dangerous situation.

Keep your vehicle properly maintained.

Sure it's easy to ignore that check engine light that keeps flashing, but doing so is not in your best interest. Regularly scheduled maintenance is key in avoiding accidents and staying safe. Replace your tires as needed, refresh the engine fluid, and always ensure that your lights and windshield wipers are functioning properly.

Know your blind spots.

The more comfortable you get in your car, the easier it is to disregard its blind spots. If you've fallen out of practice with checking those blind spots before changing lanes, it's time to fix your behavior. Always go out of your way to turn your head prior to moving over on the road.

Put down your cellphone.

It should go without saying, but using your phone while driving is a recipe for disaster. Whether you are texting or talking, a phone is distracting any way you look at it. Consider turning your phone to silent while behind the wheel to minimize distractions.

Be aware of your car's limits.

Let's face it – a minivan just can't do what a sports car can. Know the limits of your own vehicle and refrain from pushing it too far. Take corners at a reasonable speed, apply the brakes appropriately, and never cut in front of other drivers.

As you interact with others on the road, accidents are bound to happen for no fault of your own. In these moments, you need a car accident attorney you can trust. We have over 45 years of combined experience and have been trusted by Clearwater residents time after time. Schedule your free consultation today.

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